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Well for those who care, I still have two loads of laundry left to do. LOL. I also spent the morning posting chapter one of the novel I have been playing around with for the past year. It is fantasy-ish I guess. Anyway, it is linked to this blog if anyone is interested. I thought maybe writing it on here might get me a little more motivated than just as a word doc. We will see though, right.

Same old kind of day here. Is it just me or does cleaning house seem like "the job that never ends...yes it goes on and on my friends...some people started doing it not knowing what it was...and they'll continue doing it forever just is the job that never ends..." Those of you who were lambchop fans back in the day will recognize the idea. Anyway I promise not to just use this space to gripe about cleaning.

HOLY BOOBS BAT-MAN! I woke up this morning with twice the chest I had last night. Amazing the way that works during pregnancy huh? I guess I am a little behind, but honestly I thought I would be deflated forever. LOL. If TMI sorry. I am just a little taken aback by it. I don't think I have ever experienced this to quite a degree unless I was weaning a kiddo or after my son died. So craziness.

Rachel and I are starting our Dino book today. She is in love with books she makes herself, so I thought a book filled with different dinosaurs would be fun for her. I think I have learned more than the kids with this unit. I try to look online and find new articles about dinos and fossils. Elizabeth is especially interested in them. It made her day that they found a new tiny dino that had the name Elizabethae in its name. Rachel and I also started working on numbers. She gets numbers and letter confused. In fact, she spent a good portion of our school time yesterday trying to make me understand that the 1 she colored was actually an I or an l. I am honestly amazed by her grasp of ABCs.

I made Julia a puppet for a rhyme about colors. It is a mother hen with all different colors of baby chicks. Super cute! It came out of an ancient book on pom-pom puppets that a friend gave me. What is so fun, is that Elizabeth and Rachel both love it as well (although they have both known their colors for quite some time) and so spend time playing it with Julia. I love to see the girls helping each other and working together. It is one of the biggest draws to homeschooling for me.

That brings me to another point. How to convince Liz that homeschool is funner than regular school? I wish I had never sent her to public school, although I didn't know I would at the time. She is bringing home some behaviors I am not overly fond of and Jason is about at the end of his rope with her. We would like to eventually have all four girls at home. But I don't want being home to be a punishment for Elizabeth. So, do I wait until she has a traumatic school experience (and hope it comes although that sounds terrible) or do we just pull her out with the "we are parents, we know best" schtick? I am going to spend the summer working with her and see if I can't convince her home is better. There are just so many things in this school district and honestly in school districts in general that I don't like and that Jason and I don't want for our girls.

With Rachel, homeschooling her was a no-brainer. And Julia will stay home as well, but it is a little harder with Liz since she has already gone two years.

I know many of the people who know me think I am going overboard. We homeschooled Rachel and that was wierd but ok, since she has trouble. Now we want to homeschool them all, I switched kids to cloth diapers, fought with the dr about shots, want to have this baby at home, etc...It just seems that one decision liberates you to make more choices for your family.

I won't lie either. Even though I know it has been rough not speaking to my parents, it makes all these decisions easier. Makes me think God had a plan in all this. Plus, Jason and I are doing great, kids are doing better. So all in all the changes are for the better I think.

Well I am off to do school work and make some bread to go with dinner. Hubby mentioned he really likes homemade bread (hint hint since I haven't made any in a while). LOL. Am trying a new recipe for dinner. I will post if it is tasty.

Love, Light and Blessings.


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