Parts of an Insect and Painted Caterpillars

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The past couple of days have been busy here. We have been doing a lot of insect work, as well as keeping busy with everyday things. I have included a picture of one of the parts of an insect worksheets we did as well as the butterfly Rachel made out of hand and footprints. Elizabeth and Julia are working on theirs as well, but since it takes a good bit of drying time in between the different pieces, it is taking a while.

We have been working on mixing colors, so you will see a bit of that here, with more in subsequent posts. One of the parts of an insect sheets I got came from It is not the one shown here, and features (instead of the cartoon-y bug) two very lifelike line drawings, one of a hornet and one of an ant that show the three body parts very clearly. It also shows the legs and wings only attached to the thorax, as opposed to the picture shown which is a little more vague.

The two older girls have been learning the vocabulary of the body parts: head, thorax and abdomen and sometime this weekend I hope to make Elizabeth some vobaulary matching cards. We did this activity with the unit on dinosaurs, and she learned many new words such as bipedal, carnivorous, incisor, paleontologist and prehistoric.


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