New Beginnings

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Well, here I am with yet another new beginning. Blog entry number one: Seems to me like this spring has been a time of new beginnings, even for old things, if that makes sense. I am already 26 weeks pregnant with my little one, Baby Abigail (middle-nameless so far). It seems like time is flying. This is pregnancy number 5 (6 if you count the miscarriage in 2005) and yet things have gone smoother than ever before. Since summarily dismissing my doctor and taking over my own prenatal care, the days roll fluidly into one another. That is not to say we are not busy. Between Elizabeth's school-stuff and homeschooling Rachel there is always something to do. Add to the mix my springcleaning and whew it makes for one exhausted mama. I actually talked to a friend today about my decision to UC and she was super supportive. It reminds me that our conceptions of people can be so off base. The people I thought I would flip out haven't and those I thought would take it well flew off the handle.

Despite the fact that my days have been so smooth, today I find myself restless and feeling like I am in a rut. There is nothing else to do in my house but more laundry (I am almost done- but sheesh there is only so much sorting and folding a girl can do before she goes crazy). Rachel and Julia are down for their naps, it's not time to get Elizabeth from school, and I am feeling a little stir crazy. Sure we will hit the grocery store this afternoon, and maybe the park, but I find myself wanting to figure out how to take a little more time for me. It seems between the housework and the cooking and the housework and the kids and the housework and well you get the idea that by the time the kids are in bed I am so tired I don't want to do anything. But it isn't sleepy-tired, so I lay awake and spend too much time thinking.

I am hoping and praying that April is a better month than March. Not that there is anything inherantly wrong with March, but it was a rough month here. Rachel turned three (already!) and it just reopened some of the current fightings with family (another post another day!). There were more bills than money (isn't that the way of it). I am stretching too little groceries across too many people. And as I mentioned spring cleaning. DH feels guilty if he doesn't help but he makes me feel guilty if he does. Anyone else have this kind of catch-22 situation?

The girls and I have been continuing learning about dinosaurs, and let me tell you it has been fun. There is nothing cuter than listening to a three year old say "diplodocus" and "stegosaurus" and "tyrannosaurus rex". Yesterday we made rolled cookies- my concession to Elizabeth ever since the leprechaun left her that damn note about making green cookies (WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!) and called them dinosaur eggs. They were the most colorful dino eggs ever, but it should spare me from having to make Easter cookies too. I find I can get the kids to eat anything if I throw a dino phrase in front of the actual dish.

Example. I made egg-rolls the other night. The kids didn't want them. Turn them into Pteradactyl Rolls though and I had no problems. I am running out of ideas, and guess we will be changing homeschool units soon. Craft ideas are wearing thin and I am thinking the girls might like to start spring. I am just waiting until payday so I can get all the essentials: printer cartridge, paper, and tape. Lol. Packing tape is the handiest invention for homeschooling and I wish I had found it before now. It is a great alternative to laminating and sturdies up anything.

Sorry this is rambly. My mind has been falling into rabbit holes lately, not holding onto one train of thought for too long. And today there is nothing pressing on my mind. I just wanted to drop some musings onto paper and see what they looked like. I can see how this kind of chatting with yourself can become addictive. Its journaling with a spin I suppose. Anyway, I guess I have put off the laundry long enough. I have diapers to dry and a few more little loads to wash. My goal is to be finished today and stay caught up. I will let you know how it goes. :)

Peace, Blessings and Light to all.


Father Johnny Dee said...

Hi Darlin, nice to see you writing again, hope lifes little bumps have evened out for a while. Check out the blogs I follow if you want, Marlowes Family Blessing is one of our cousins....Alicia.

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