Camo Bugs and Butterfly Matching

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I made the cutest file folder game for the girls yesterday. Since we are studying about insects, one of the topics that comes up is of course camoflauge. In one of my other books, I have an idea for hiding octopi in different colors and textures of coral. I figured the idea could easily be adapted to insects and it was with great result. I took everyday household objects such as aluminum foil, wax paper, paper plates, felt, green tissue paper, craft foam and markers and some various printouts I found free online of insects and flowers. Then I enhanced the bugs with the different textile materials, and made plants and flowers to match. For example, I covered a beetle with aluminum foil I colored green, then made the stalks of a couple of flowers to match. An ant was covered in red felt and then a daisy made of the same material. The bugs virtually disappear from the page when they are placed on the plants that camoflauge them, just like the do in real life. I glued the flowers onto a file folder and stapled a sandwich bag on the front in which to store the bugs. It was a huge hit! Now, Rachel can explore the tactle sensation of different bugs and plants, while learning about the ways bugs use camoflauge to hide.

We also made a butterfly matching game. I found a print-out on of butterflies, and using the internet colored them the way they look in real life. I made two copies of the same 6 cards and after laminating (with tape of course, my fave), and cutting them out, we now have a butterfly identification matching game. Rachel is not as impressed with this game, but Elizabeth is in love. I will add pictures of it tomorrow. My phone is out for the moment, so all pictures will have to be on hold until then.


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