Sunday Morning

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Just taking a few minutes this morning before the hustle and bustle of life begins anew. I can already tell it is going to be a long day. Laundry is the top order of the day as Kid 2 peed her bed (for the first time in a loooong time) and my bed needs washed too. Then I guess its floors and gathering schoolwork for the kids. They were bugging me about it yesterday. No 5-day school week at my house. They would do school 24/7 if they could.

Should spend the afternoon getting bible study ready for tomorrow night so as to avoid that whole drama scene. Then I guess if there is any time left over, it will be onto chapter two of Pheonix. Not that I think anyone particularly cares, but it gives me something to do. The kids have scattered all my note cards from hell to breakfast, but hopefully I have enough notes left I can remember what I was doing.

My brother rolled into town yesterday from Killeen. He and my parents took my kids for a little while yesterday and brought them home with a ton of new stuff they didn't need. If they wanted to be helpful they could have paid for some of Elizabeth's school crap that seems to be cropping up. Instead apparently my father made a comment to her that they looked like little white children with no clothes. WTF is that supposed to mean? For one, it would have helped if I had had more than 2minutes to get them ready, and for two they looked fine when they left. Rachel dressed herself (which grates on my parents nerves, but I don't see a problem with). Sure she was in jeans and a halloween shirt. Who cares? They went to our crappy little Wal-Mart, not to the Ritz Carlton. Luckily my brother is leaving Friday so we don't have to worry about anything regarding Easter.

It is so peaceful not talking to them all. It seems like everytime there is some communication with my family there is some bullsh*t drama. My kids don't need and neither do myself or my husband. So anyway, mini-rant over and back to real life. Just wanted to jot some stuff down before I forgot.

Peace, Blessings and Love.


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