Caterpillar Number Game and Lizzie's Fly Eating Frog

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Sorry for all the posts; I am trying to play catch-up from being unable to post pictures. This is another printable game I found free online. It is matching a number a items with the numeral. Very easy to make, and fun to play. I find that file folders and tape and zip-loc bags make the greatest games. They are durable and easy to store. I saw online where someone was keeping a hile folder game closed with velcro so the pieces didn't fall out the sides during storage. I find it easier to stick the pieces in a zip-loc bag and staple it to the front.

Lizzie drew a picture I had to add to our bug wall. It also reminded me that I was leaving out two very important pieces of insect learning: life cycles and food chains. This will be a great introduction to our summer unit of animals. We plan to spend the summer studying animals. It will be easy to do with having a new baby in the house as the information available is overwhelming and it will be fun for the kids.


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