Dinosaur Fossils and Snacks for Kids

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So much fun, although very messy! Elizabeth was home today from school due to what appears to be pink-eye. So, the girls continued working on their dinosaur books and then for a fun project, I let them make fossils. What I did was added a couple of inches of mixed plaster of paris to the bottom of a 8-9" round cake pan (greased). Then after letting the plaster set up for about 30 minutes or so, I turned the girls loose with a variety of small plastic dinosaur toys. Of course they made a mess, but the fossils look cute and the girls had a blast making them. Once the plaster is completely set, then they can be removed from the pans and the girls will have their very own "dino fossils."

I also made some snacks for after nap. Thank goodness for no-bake cookies. Yep, I am talking about the oatmeal, chocolate peanut butter kind. Snack food is at a premium these days, so we have been making our own. Unfortunately I ran out of flour yesterday (making rolls that did NOT turn out well at all), so had to be even more creative than normal. As a result, the girls will get cookies and jell-o jigglers over the next couple of days. I am counting down until Thursday (PAYDAY!).

I am sure there are mamas out there who shudder at the thought that I feed my kids snacks such as these. Let me insert a disclaimer here: First of all I am on a very tight budget. Organic fruitsnacks etc don't quite make the cut. Second, my kids prefer fruits and veggies which we happen to be out of. Gotta love it huh? Third, I'm doing the best I can here.

Isn't that really all a parent can do? The best they can?


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