Odd and Even Math Game

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This was a game I found on the DLTK site. It is one of my favorite sites, and I can't think of one unit we have done since we started that we have not found something there to use. The concept of this game is easy and teaches what seems to me to be a tricky concept. There are two game boards (only one of which is shown). One is labeled Odd Olly and the other is Even Elly. The game pieces are 6 spots for each lady bug and three leaf pieces, to cover the leaf template. The two players take turns rolling a dice. Say the first one is playing as Odd Olly and rolls a three. They would then take three dots and put one on the left side, one on the right side, one on the left. They would be out of dots, and would be asked if the two sides of the lady bug had the same number of dots. The answer of course is no, so they would get to put a piece of leaf on their board. Pieces of leaf are only awarded for rolls that match the "odd or even" of the game board. So Odd Olly would not get a leaf for rolling a 6. If the dots on both sides of the lady bug match, the number is even.


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