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We took the kids to the park this afternoon. It was quite the exciting event, let me tell you. Between the sand angels, which sadly we could not get a decent picture of and the 10,000 slides, I couldn't tell you what was more exciting. Okay that is a bit of sarcasm. Lets just say we don't go the park because it is my favorite place to hang out, but the kiddos really do love it. Suprisingly enough, even without naps today they were quite good.

Elizabeth brought home a ton of papers today, and among them was a photography form for Kindergarten graduation?!?!?! They have to be kidding me! This is the fourth, count them FOUR picture taking thing the elementary has had this year (and its only April, mind you). The kids are supposed to wear white shirts with collars and not to worry the photographer will provide caps and gowns. It reminds me of the quote from The Incredibles, where the dad is talking about elementary graduation as yet another way to celebrate mediocrity. Do not get me wrong. In no way do I think my precocious first born is mediocre, however I do think Kindergarten graduation is a little much!

This of course came along with a request for Elizabeth to take snacks to school tomorrow and also to bring 20 candy-filled eggs for the Easter Egg hunt at the school. The demands never end. And yet, about three times a week she brings home some little junky trinket her teacher has used to bribe the kids to learn this or bring that paper back to school. It makes me a touch nauseous to tell you the truth. There is no reward for doing a good job, just being the satisfaction that you did a good job. Elizabeth was working on her reading words a couple of weeks ago and was getting frustrated because she kept trying to say them fast and kept messing them up. I told her it was more important that she could read them well than read them fast. She gave me that look that only little girls can manage, you know the one, and said, "but mooo-ooom if I don't say them fast I won't get three check marks." Yep, her teacher doesn't use grades, but instead using a grading system of checks and smilies with funky mouths. You do super you get three checks, pretty good is two, mediocre is one and poor is a goofy looking smiley. It's absolutely ridiculous. Already, her love of learning is dimming in the light of needing to please. We have to get her out of that school!

Well, it is way past my bedtime here, but I wanted to post some pics for those who are interested and for myself as well. What a fun way to chronicle the passage of time. I already have a new preggy picture to post, but I will get to that tomorrow.
Love, Light and Blessings all.


Anonymous said...

Well,I know the schools wouldn't want to hear this from an "old as dirt" grandmother, but I totally agree with you about the schools. This method of checks and smiley faces goes back beyond Jason's school days. It is simply a way to control the kids. Not an encouragement to learn. Also all this sending "goodies" to school stopped here when Michael was in elementary. Parents got so fed up with always sending stuff to school that they protested to the state board. One very good point came forth in this protest. Children whose parents couldn't afford to send stuff was singled out and made fun of by other children. Thank goodness parents here no longer have to worry about that.

Michele said...

Most of the stuff sent here is from the teachers (by that I mean the tri-weekly junk they send home ie rings, yo-yos etc). But I tell you what it gets a little overwhelming especially when we live paycheck to paycheck every two weeks and I frequently get notes needing things in a day or two. ARG!

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