Alien Travelers and Letters

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How to Draw An Alien

This coming year, the girls will be doing some serious space learning, so for our summer unit, I have been keeping it light.  Not to mention that with this unseasonable hot heat and as I get closer to giving birth to baby, no one has felt much like buckling down and getting serious.  Yesterday, the big girls put on their writing caps, and came up with some super creative letters they could find in their mail boxes from an alien friend.  The letters were to be written in traditional letter format with date, heading, body, closing and signature.  Being the artistic kids they are, they also added some "photos" from their home planets.   I went ahead and scanned the letters in so you can take a look at them if you are interested.  At the bottom of the post you will find a list of links for the printables we used.  Many are free printables.  Julia wanted in on the writing fun, so I found her a story starter complete with picture to color, about an alien's travels.  Creating writing is not really her "thang" but she had fun coming up with a story for her alien traveler.  Enjoy!!

Alien Letter 1

Alien Travels

Alien Letter 2

Links to recreate our Alien Adventure: (Alien Penpals- You cannot print this without a membership, but you can view it and get the idea)  (these can be downloaded for free one page at a time)


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