Earth Day Clean-Up

Author: Michele /

There has been some controversy lately regarding Earth Day but regardless to its purposes or origins, I would like to help my girls learn respect. Part of that respect is cleaning up after yourself and taking care of the place where you live. In light of that goal, we spent the last two days taking what we call Alley Walks. Generally the idea is just to see what "treasures" you can find in the alleys and to walk somewhere safer than the middle of the road. This week however, we left the house armed with a trash bag. Now, just let me say, my husband works for the city here, and they do a pretty good job of keeping our alleys clean. That being said, we picked up more than a trash bag of garbage from our house to the next block.

Most of this trash was made up of things like bottles, boxes, etc that people didn't quite get into their trashcans. The rest of it was made up of things I can only assume were dropped by walkers or out the windows of the vehicles that use the alleys. My girls were quite willing to pick up other people's trash, enjoying the reward of a job well done. Now, if I can just get that work ethic to carry over into their room cleaning.

My point is that no matter what, we have to live here where we are. Why not make that space as pleasant as possible by cleaning up after ourselves? Love, light and blessings to you all.


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