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Well, for those who are interested..here is an update on life here. I am having a hard time posting pics because my phone, which I was using went KAPUT and my new phone takes HORRIBLE pics. So, I have been avoiding the blog. But I forgot the reason for the blog in the first place. It was not just a place to show off our homeschooling activities, it was a place for me to have a place to talk about the things that are going on in my life and to update family and friends on those things too.

Baby Abby is not so much a tiny baby anymore. She is already 3 1/2 months old. It is so hard to believe. I am still struggling with her birth, but we are getting through it day by day. Even knowing how things turned out at the hospital though, I would have waited for labor again in a heartbeat. No matter who it pissed off. She has been the healthiest baby. And she is just beautiful. She has the biggest smile I have ever seen.

Liz and Rachel and Julia have been working on school. I am loving having all three of them home, and it is such a blessing to watch the relationship between my girls grow and flourish. They are doing so well. I am really proud of them. Sometimes I think its a good thing that I have bright kids, since we are still learning our way around homeschooling.

Julia's new favorite game is what we call THE BUMP GAME. Basically, I stand up 8-10 crayons on the table and she bumps them over, the only catch being that she picks one that corresponds to a color I name. We win when all the crayons are laying down. It has increased her knowledge of colors by a lot and she loves it. Rachel is working on pre-reading. She has been showing an increased interest in letters and the sounds they make in regards to the printed word. She has known all of her letters for quite a while now but is just now getting to the point of realizing those printed symbols correspond with a sound.

Elizabeth is reading chapter books, working on her math, writing and just loving being able to learn at her own pace, which seems to be a tad faster than her age.

Well, I am off this morning to make a Thanksgiving Tree. We are making a tree to put up on the front door and between now and Thanksgiving we will each be writing something we are thankful for each day and putting it on the tree. Thanksgiving I plan to have everyone share the things we are Thankful for. I know Jason especially has been feeling a little low lately, and think this would be a great way to count the many blessings we do and take a fresh look at life.

Love and blessings to you all.


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